Monday, July 21, 2014

My Bantu Knot Out

If there is one style I hear that naturals can't get right it's the bantu knot out. Admittedly I've never had a problem with it. It was my go-to style when I was transitioning, because I could never get a twist out or braid out to look right.

I stopped doing bantu knot outs when I became natural for one reason: My hair was too thick. The secret to have a great bantu knot out (IMO) is that your hair has to be 90%-100% dry when you take it out. I find myself getting away with letting twist outs and braid outs being wet when I take them down. But not the bantu knot, for some reason it won't curl properly when it's not dry.

Now you can say a solution to this dilemma is, "Do your hair when it's dry." Eh...another thick hair girl problem, I personally cannot style my hair when it's dry, it's just not a pretty sight. All my styling is done on wet hair. It's easier to detangle and manipulate my hair into a style when it's wet plus it cuts down on breakage drastically. I will continue to always style my hair after a wash.

So recently (9 months ago. Lol) I decided to do my first bantu knot out in years. But I wanted to try something different. Instead of twirling my hair and making the knot, I decided to twist my hair and make it into a knot. This video is what I followed when doing my bantu knot out, keep in mind I did mine on wet hair.

Here's how it went--

Here are the knots, these took me about an hour to do.

A few shots of me "vouging" it up. Note: I kept the knots in for a day, because I do not own a hair dryer and I wanted to make sure they were completely dry when I took them down. 

Annnddd here are the results. 

I really loved this hair style, it gave me a 1930's Claudette Colbert look. 

I was flicking it up while sitting in a Chinese restaurant. Lol. But I didn't care, my hair looked great. 

Products: The products I remember using for this hairstyle was Coconut Oil, Cantu Leave-in Conditioner and  Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

How Long did It Last: This hairstyle lasted me a good two weeks, my hair tends to hold styles very well. 

Will I do the again: Eh...Maybe, maybe not. This style was done last October and I haven't done it since then. I love the results but it's a bit too time consuming for me. 

Well that does it for this blog post. Thanks for reading! -Krystal 

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