Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hair Inspiration Sunday!

Why hello! Long time no speak. Lol. Well what better day to blog than to post some hair inspiration?
Well I know that many naturals follow natural hair Instagrams and have Pinterest boards dedicated to natural hair. Because of that it's often that you'll run into the same picture constantly. One picture that I always ran into was this one.

I always marveled at this hair style and I always wondered who was the woman rocking it she is gorgeous! Well this year after watching Dear White People (which is a GREAT movie and you should see it if you haven't) I finally found out who she is.

Teyonah Parris is a talented actress who currently stars in Starz original series Survivors Remorse and she is also the star in Spike Lee's newest film Chi-Raq. In addition to being a great actress she rocks some of the greatest natural hairstyles I have seen. Here are some of her looks.

I love how versatile she is with her looks. Teyonah proves that having natural hair doesn't put you in a box and you really have a lot of options. I look forward to imitating some of this hairstyles in the near future!

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