Friday, January 8, 2016

Frugal Fridays: A great solution for dry hair.

When most people talk to me about natural hair and why they won't go natural. The first thing they usually state is it's because products are too expensive, I often laugh. The truth is you don't need expensive hair products to maintain your hair. My hair drinks products like a sailor so I try to get the most bang out of my buck. That's why I'm starting "Frugal Fridays." To showcase products that I use that do not break the bank and get the job done.

First up on the list is my probably my favorite product E V E R. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner.
I've been using this deep conditioner off and on for probably 3 years. I try to trade out my products so my hair won't get use to one thing so I've used many deep conditioners, this one will always be my favorite. I usually recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry hair because it really helps. I know the product claims that you can use it for 3 minutes but me being me I usually let it stay on for an hour. After I'm finished I wash it out and my hair feels like BUTTER. Honestly this stuff is a miracle. What's also a miracle is the price. Aussie is found at most drugstores and chain stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. I usually pick mine up from Wally World for the low price of $2.97. Yep, this is available for under $5, talk about a miracle. 

Well that does it for Frugal Friday. If you use this conditioner or plan to let me know in the comments how much you like it!

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Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Resolution: I'm NOT using Shampoo anymore!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!

Now I'm not one to make resolutions, if I want to change I just simply do it. However I think this resolution has been a long time coming... yes, I'm not using shampoo anymore.

I was a couple of months in the natural hair game. 

Now here's a little background on my decision. Back when I first became natural waaayyy back in 2011, I rarely used shampoo on my hair, I probably on used it once a month. Any other time I co-washed my hair. Now this was met with a lot of skepticism from my peers.

"Krystal, you mean to tell me that your hair is clean and you don't use shampoo." and I would simply reply "Yes."

Now in addition to me only co-washing I also had a stellar regimen. I co-washed, deep conditioned, did protein treatments, hot oil treatments. I did the WHOLE nine yards and my hair was in perfect condition and my hair grew.

This is my hair at 2 years natural.

Now as my hair grew my patience didn't. I went through so many changes, with my job, school, moving... basically a lot was going on. So naturally somethings have to suffer. My hair unfortunately was one of them. I then decided to go the cheap way of washing my hair.
I started to shampoo, condition, and leave-in condition for all of my washes and THIS was the result...
Almost 4 years natural 

That picture was taken this past June. No that isn't old hair. I know to some my hair doesn't look that bad but trust me it was. If I ran a stick through my hair I'm sure I would have started a fire. It was that dry. I usually have a more visible curl pattern which isn't here because my hair is so dry and frizzy. After a few months of looking like this I decided it was time for a change. 

My Solution 

Well my solution was simple, I'm not using shampoo anymore. I also had to decide what I was going to use in the place of shampoo. I decided this back in September and let me tell you since I've decided that my hair has been flourishing. I wish I had more photos (I don't take that many selfies nowadays) to show you all my results buttt I will have some pretty soon. I've decided to make this a series for the month of January so stay tuned. 

  • My next post will go into detail about why shampoo isn't the best thing for your hair.
  • After that I will explain my alternative to shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar, in more detail.
  • Next I will talk about my second alternative which is Black Soap

So again, thank you for reading this post and come back to read the others. 

Happy New Year!