Monday, February 25, 2013

The Importance of Documenting your Hair Journey

It would be a lie if I told you all the reason why I neglected this blog was because I've been busy or because I haven't had a camera. When I first became natural the beauty I found in becoming natural was being able to share your hair journey with others, to be able to watch your hair go from a TWA to a flourishing bouncing fro! Unfortunately for me a great majority of the pictures in my hair journey have been lost. 
It is completely irrelevant how I lost those pictures...just know they were lost in a dumb blonde moment (face palm). But I've decided to bounce back from it! Although you won't see how my hair "started from the bottom and now it's here" moments I will let you my two year journey, and show you how my hair has went from neck length (?) at least I believe my hair is now neck length, to hopefully bra strap length!
In the meantime I will share a few pictures I do have. The above picture shows the first time I got my hair straightened which was November of 2012, the third picture is freshly washed hair that was taken December 2012 and the fourth picture is from January 2013, yep I did those twists myself, took all of 5 hours *side eye*. 

So here are more pictures  

This was taken in September 2012... excuse the poor quality and the scowl on my face. 

I finally got tired of dealing with my hair and decided to get kinky twist! I loved them! This was taken in September 2012.
I rocked these twists for a little over a month. They were easy to take care of and they actually looked better with new growth. 
I finally took the twists out in October. Wow my hair got BIG!
I rocked a fro after I took the twists out. I missed my hair wanted it to stay out for a while. October 2012 
Finally in November 2012 I tried something new! I straightened it! 
My hair was finally longer than it was when I first BC! 
I pin curled it for more BODY! 
It's safe to say I was feeling myself wwwaaayyyyyy too much. Lol
Like all good things the straight hair had to come to an end. From their I tried my first twist out, can you say success? November 2012.

That's all I feel like sharing for today. In all these pictures I am 1 year natural. Right now I am currently 1 year and 4 months natural and in two days it'll make it 2 years since my last perm. Time sure does fly!

Well the lesson in all this make sure you take pictures and document your journey well! Especially if you are shooting for super length like I am. Sometimes we don't realize how much our hair has grown until we look back at the pictures we've taken. 

That's all for today, it doesn't make up for the months I've missed out on blogging but it's a start! Be back soon! XoXo- Krystal