Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Let me get this out, I am horrible at taking "staged" pictures. I feel like my poses look too "posed" and I look downright goofy. Hopefully as I progress with this blog my poses look better. But as of right now let me revisit my weekend through these few pictures. 

I had such a great day Sunday, it was a day filled with church, food, fun and friends. What better way to start your week?

So about my hair in this post, ehh this is how my hair looks when I do nothing to it. I recently took out a sew-in a couple of days ago. I decided when I took out my corn rows I liked the curl pattern so I let my hair stay in the "after sew-in" phase. Honestly, while it may look nice that's probably not the best thing to do with my hair. Especially when you consider I may have a lot of shedding hair piling up. We shall see how much shedding I have when I wash my hair. I believe that'll make for an interesting post. Lol

                                                                          Close up
I love my stance
Wanted to get a little hair twirl action. Lol

Thanks for reading! -Krystal 


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