Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Resolution: I'm NOT using Shampoo anymore!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!

Now I'm not one to make resolutions, if I want to change I just simply do it. However I think this resolution has been a long time coming... yes, I'm not using shampoo anymore.

I was a couple of months in the natural hair game. 

Now here's a little background on my decision. Back when I first became natural waaayyy back in 2011, I rarely used shampoo on my hair, I probably on used it once a month. Any other time I co-washed my hair. Now this was met with a lot of skepticism from my peers.

"Krystal, you mean to tell me that your hair is clean and you don't use shampoo." and I would simply reply "Yes."

Now in addition to me only co-washing I also had a stellar regimen. I co-washed, deep conditioned, did protein treatments, hot oil treatments. I did the WHOLE nine yards and my hair was in perfect condition and my hair grew.

This is my hair at 2 years natural.

Now as my hair grew my patience didn't. I went through so many changes, with my job, school, moving... basically a lot was going on. So naturally somethings have to suffer. My hair unfortunately was one of them. I then decided to go the cheap way of washing my hair.
I started to shampoo, condition, and leave-in condition for all of my washes and THIS was the result...
Almost 4 years natural 

That picture was taken this past June. No that isn't old hair. I know to some my hair doesn't look that bad but trust me it was. If I ran a stick through my hair I'm sure I would have started a fire. It was that dry. I usually have a more visible curl pattern which isn't here because my hair is so dry and frizzy. After a few months of looking like this I decided it was time for a change. 

My Solution 

Well my solution was simple, I'm not using shampoo anymore. I also had to decide what I was going to use in the place of shampoo. I decided this back in September and let me tell you since I've decided that my hair has been flourishing. I wish I had more photos (I don't take that many selfies nowadays) to show you all my results buttt I will have some pretty soon. I've decided to make this a series for the month of January so stay tuned. 

  • My next post will go into detail about why shampoo isn't the best thing for your hair.
  • After that I will explain my alternative to shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar, in more detail.
  • Next I will talk about my second alternative which is Black Soap

So again, thank you for reading this post and come back to read the others. 

Happy New Year! 


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