Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stretching my hair, Getting the most out of my growth

When you are natural you learn quickly that shrinkage is. I know as a natural we are told to embrace our shrinkage but sometimes you can't help but become aggravated with it. My issue with my shrinkage (my hair shrinks a LOT) is after my hair drys there is literally nothing I can do with it but wear an Afro. If I want to style my hair in it's dry, shrunken state it will more than likely involve me losing a LOT of hair because my hair is so tightly coiled it's almost impossible to comb through. So because of that I style my hair when wet, which is not bad but after I wash my hair I become lazy and would rather not be bothered with trying to style it. But recently I discovered the power of heatless stretching! What you do it get elastic bands and wrap them around your hair while it's wet causing your hair to be stretched rather than shrunken when it dries. I like this method because it doesn't require me to use heat and it elongates my hair and it helps me style my hair when it's dry. Here are some pictures of my hair before, during and after stretching.
Side View: Wet and Before Streching
Front View: After I stretched my hair and fluffed it out. Please ignore my face, I was just being goofy. Lol
Back View: All stretched out. 
Front View: Stretched...wonder could I wear this anywhere 
Side View: After I took the bands off.
Top View: After I took the bands off. I actually liked the definition I got from streching. If I parted it better I would actually wear this as a style. 
Before Stretching: My fro is getting BIG!  Again ignore this pose and face I was feeling myself a little TOO much. 
Side View: Stretched
Note: I'm doing this on my phone so I don't know why these pictures aren't in order -____-. I really dislike the Blogger app but it's extremely convenient.  

Also products I used on my hair while stretching is Castor Oil and Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In. Both left my hair soft and smelling lovely! Well that's all for this post. I hope you found this helpful! -Krystal 

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