Friday, June 29, 2012

Sampler's Files: Curls.Biz

Yep, some more free samples and it hasn't even been a week yet! Earlier this week I got my Miss. Jessie's and yesterday when I got home I was welcomed with my Curls samples! Like Miss. Jessie's I was amazed at their service. I went to their website (  and went to the "Contact Us" bar and filled out one of those forms and asked did they give free samples. A few hours later I got an email telling me yes and pick out three products I would love to try. Then exactly a week later I get them in the mail! That's what I call good business!
The products I choose were the "Curls Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner" which is a deep conditioner that can help dry damaged, or chemical processed hair. The website also says it's best to use it with heat. Another one was  "Curls Milkshake" which is used to define curls, the website says it's better for lighter curls that doesn't need much oil. That maybe a problem for me seeing as I have a lot of hair and it's thick but we shall see, that's what sampling is all about, testing a product out and seeing if it works. Then there is "Cashmere Curls" which is a Leave-In it contains ingredients such as Coconut Milk and Aloe Leaf, so this should be interesting. I'll be trying these products and writing a review after I try out my Miss. Jessie's so that should be in 2 weeks seeing as I wash my hair once a week.
Well that's all on this free sample. I should be receiving some more in the up and coming weeks and I will be sure to let you all know. Don't be afraid to reach out to these companies and sample for yourself, some will say yes and some will say no but you'll never know unless you try. Besides if you get a yes you'll get free hair products! That's always a good thing for us product junkies. Lol :-)
Another thing... I'm so sorry for this small piss poor picture! My Iphone and my HP have been going through the motions with my pictures. I'm still praying on receiving a camera and I hope it happens soon! When I do the review I hope to have better pictures for you all!
Thanks for bearing with me! -Krystal 

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