Monday, June 25, 2012

Samplers Files: Miss Jessie's

So about a week ago... well actually a few days ago I was browsing some natural hair forums and the suggestion to contact companies that sold hair products and ask them for free samples was a pretty hot topic. So I immediately hopped on that bandwagon. A little background story on me: I'm a college student with no job who is a product junkie... that's not a good combo. I have been on a product junkie "detox" where I only buy a product if I have ran out of it, so far that's been going pretty good BUT I crave new products! Its just what a product junkie do. *shrugs* So it sounded like there was nothing to lose with asking companies for free samples. So the first company I approached was Miss Jessie's. Miss Jessie had a 50/50 reputation in the natural  hair community. I hear some naturals swear its a holy grail while others announce it as garbage. Personally I prefer to try a product out for myself and form my own opinion on it but... Miss Jessie isn't cheap so I wasn't about to dish out $20+ for a product that may not even work so I went to Miss Jessie's website ready to send an email asking for samples until... I seen on their website it had "Free Samples" I was shocked! I immediately clicked the link. There it took me to an ordering form where it told me to pick out 3 products. I picked out my three, "Creme De La Curl: Cleansing Creme", "Creme De La Creme: Conditioning Creme", and the famous Curly Pudding! So as I made my order they told me S+H was free too. Ahhhhhh double plus! So after I sent in my order I felt pretty satisfied. I had no idea when it would come in so you could imagine my surprise that only after 4 days my order came in, and this is how everything looked!

Yep all this came! Plus the booklets and the shopping bag. I cannot wait to try out her products and I will be sure to put a review up on the site about them. That probably won't be for another two weeks though because I currently have mini twists in and I have kept them in for a week too long and when it comes time to wash out all this gunk in my hair out I don't want to be testing out new products on it. So a review for Miss Jessie's will be up later. Also I have more samples on the way as I type so I will be letting you all know what companies you can get free samples from and perhaps what to expect. Another thing on a personal note I'm currently taking pictures with my IPhone because I don't have a camera so please bare with me and this quality I hope someday to have a real camera and put quality pictures on here but I'm currently taking it one day at a time, I will be blessed with a camera soon. Well that about sums it up! Hope you like my post! Please leave feedback, until next time Bonjour! 

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